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Kiwi Kacper - the way to comfort


UPDATED April 2014

We have new season styles and colours, as always an absolute must for this winter if you want to have warm comfortable feet, you will always be unique in a pair of "KACPER" boots/shoes !!!!!!!!

Kiwi Kacper shoes are to die for!! Designed by an Italian and made in Poland, these shoes are leather-lined leather shoes and are hardwearing, colourful, comfortable for both men and women. There is no other shoe in Australasia like them.

Kiwi Kacper are the ONLY suppliers of these shoes outside of Europe.  As the ONLY retail store for these shoes in New Zealand is Chapter 5, our online store is perfect for those who live elsewhere. So treat yourself to something unique with style.

Remember the person who dies with the most shoes wins!

Any queries you may have don't hesitate to call us at our Store in Wanaka on 03 4435570 or email us on


Cheers from the team at "KIWIKACPER"

Nikki, Michelle, Claudia, Penni and Ron

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